Features of Geo mix

Geo mix is one of the few full-service Ready mix concrete producers capable of manufacturing an extremely high quality concrete in India. Our technical expertise, state-of-the-art plants, and commitment to innovation enable us to make ready mix concrete that can assist our customers with all their construction needs.

Geo mix uses sophisticated plant and equipment, which enables it to produce quality concrete. Geo mix exercises strict control on the quality of all ingredients through rigorous testing, applies stringent controls on process parameters, monitors key properties of concrete in the fresh and hardened state and applies the modern techniques to quickly detect any changes in the properties of concrete.

Organized procedure at Geo mix's plant ensure that construction activities are speeded up. While the production output from a typical site-mixed concrete operation using 8/12 mixer is around 4-5 m3/hour, the output form a 60-m3/hour Geo mix plant is around 45 m3/hour. Thus there is nearly 10-fold increase in the output from RMC plant, which translates into direct savings to the customer.

By using the latest technology in water reduction techniques and the correct proportion of mixing we produce 100% eco-friendly concrete.

With the use of Geo mix, customers are not required to procure and store cement, aggregates, sand, water and admixtures at site. This not only drastically reduces the space requirements at construction sites but also minimizes efforts on the part of customers to procure different materials, ensure their proper storage and check their quality parameters from time to time.

The primary ingredients of concrete is crushed stone or gravel, sand and water - account for approximately 90% of the volume of the mixture are plentiful in our country. Cement, which accounts for most of the rest of the mixture, is usually produced by Geo mix as well.